A StarkLight Steampunk Anthology

Steampunk-1I have just finished A StarkLight Steampunk Anthology. Ernie had sent me a copy and asked me to review it when I got a chance. One of his stories had won a contest of some sort and was published in it. StarkLight Press is a small but up and coming Canadian publishing house. It was started and is owned and managed by Tony Stark. Tony and his wife Virginia Carraway Stark have also contributed two excellent pieces to this Anthology.

Having previously read Ernest Samuel Llime’s novel Do, Re, Mi and the Big C as well as his collection of erotic shorts A Closer Look, I expected his story to be some kind of smutty invention. I checked the table of contents and strangely, his name was printed in bold characters, unlike the other authors’ which were all in Italics. Later on, I mentioned that to Ernie and he said that he had contacted the publishers and they will correct that. StarkLight Press invites authors to write on some pre-defined topic or other and the best stories get published. For this one they requested Christmas stories in a Steampunk setting.
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I have waited patiently for Vinyl to start showing on HBO. I mean Scorsese and Mick Jagger, together – wow! The billboards advertising it said “He didn’t see the future, he heard it.” So, it’s been on for a while now – it gets good reviews – but, where is that new music. Not sure how this can happen. If they are supposed to make some kind of new music – even if it is supposed to be new to the 1970’s or something, where is it? Sad to watch a series with so much potential go down the drain. I mean Scorsese is a great director. He didn’t need Mick to come up with these stories, he could have gotten anyone. Mick. however could have come up with some great new music. I wish I could have these old farts read my stuff and listen to some of my music. I could keep the story going while infusing some kind of musical innovation. Oh, I didn’t mean to come across like that. Pick anyone else who is interested in the more musical side of things.

As a last word, I need to say that I am pretty much as old as those two, but I haven’t yet become ossified. Bottom line: if you expect some kind of mob related Scorsese kind of show: keep on watching, you’ll get all of that. On the other hand, if you expected this show to be more musically exciting, don’t waste your time. All I can say at this point is that I have wasted nine hours of my time waiting for a worthwhile musical moment and I do not intend to spend a minute more. So long Vinyl, I hope they snip the rest of your episodes soon, so that I will not be tempted to watch any new ones (LOL – NFW.)

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Do, Re, Mi and the Big C

BookCoverPreviewDo, Re, Mi and the Big C sounds so much like a story about music. Well, it is not. It’s just that Mr. Llime has decided to use these names for his principal characters. Doreen, Remo, Michelle and Solomon are all members of The New Coney Island Vaudeville Show (TNCIVS.) Other than Michelle, the other three have acquired new names at some point or another, mostly to cover their tracks. There are some musical similes, allusions and confusions. e.g.: Solomon is nicknamed the Big C and he is also known as Sol. ‘C’ in Western musical notation stand for the note ‘Do’ and as a letter in the Cyrillic alphabet, it is pronounced ‘S’ thus standing for Solomon (Соломон) as well. In addition to all that the Big C is also a name used by people who do not wish to to use the word ‘cancer.’ Continue reading

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A Closer Look

BookCoverPreviewEach story in A Closer Look by Ernest Samuel Llime depicts what some might call a deviant aspect of human sexuality. This book will teach you what kind of wine goes best with cunnilingus and which kitchen utensils work best for spanking. You will also learn a new kind of C.P.R. that can be performed on the clinically dead as well as how a ghost might get his/her rocks off. While some might call these stories bizarre and preposterous, we can only call them inspired, inventive and solidly assembled.

Llime has a great eye for detail and a gift for descriptive narrative. Each scene is so rich in vivid detail that we can easily visualize the writer pausing between paragraphs to treat himself to a well-deserved stroke or two. To be perfectly honest we were likewise quite tempted, but there was a deadline to be met. What happens after this review is finished, might be the subject for another story.
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Grandma Did It

naked trumpeterThere are many great bloggers on tumbler. There are a lot more who are not that great, but I try to avoid those ones. Anyway, I ran across Grandma Did It  and there is something about it that grabbed my attention I mean there are all these pictures of beautiful women from the first half of the twentieth century. A lot of them are nude and a few of them are quenching their sexual thirsts in front of the camera. And yes, of course a lot of them may have eventually become grandmas. The hope that some of them lived to actually see their grandchildren cheers me up. The first half of the previous century was a very difficult time historically and seeing young naked women enjoying their life reinforces my belief in the strength and resiliency of the human

spirit. Alas, my personal family history is filled with doom and gloom. Most of my aunts and uncles, as well as my grandparents, perished in the gas chambers of Auschwitz and I never got to meet them. I have only one picture that my aunts are in and they looked very beautiful and sexy. They were of course fully dressed in fashionable dresses of the late 1930’s. There is of course no way that any of my grandmas did any of the things that the grandmas in this blog are doing. Continue reading

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American Lies

happy.jpgI do not understand why so many American businesses are fascinated with lying. I am referring to the ones who try to sell you things. In New York City there a number of restaurants that claim to be vegetarian and some are even vegan. Specifically, Happy Buddha, Buddha Bodai, New Bodai and so on. Their menu has many animal names in it and though some have the prefix Continue reading

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Africa – Angel City Chorale

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-c9-poC5HGw&w=300&h=183]

This is amazing! Very innovative and very well done. I’d love to see these guys live. However, as I am a critical kind of person, it makes me think of some not necessarily important, yet still pesky issues. The song Africa was written by a couple of white boys and performed by Toto, an all-white band who had a big hit with it in 1982. I saw the video and they had one black girl in it. I mean is that enough? Continue reading

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The Little Prince

posterI have managed to get a copy of The Little Prince animated movie. Before anything else, let me just say that I was very relieved to find out that Disney had nothing to do with it.
The movie, an English language French production, has already been released in various parts of the world like China, Japan, Brazil and France of course. It actually did very well financially and it is going to see an American release on March 18 2016. The screenplay writers have added a frame story to the original which did not please me that much, because it cut into the time available for the original story. it was however very well made and the frame story was kind of cute. I watched it with my 4 year old granddaughter and at some point in the story, when the little girl was bonding with the old man, she turned around, hugged me and said:
“I love you grandpa.” Someday, this girl might make a great art critic.
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The Hateful Eight

hateful-eight.jpgI was looking forward to Tarantino’s latest, until I actually saw it. I always thought that the writer/director has some kind of self-destructing wish and this one brings it all home to me. I am usually pissed when a writer builds up a character and makes the reader empathize and even fall in love with him/her, only to kill them off towards the end of the story. In Tarantino’s previous movies it seemed to work though I was not very happy when Christopher Waltz’s character got shot in Django Unchained or Travolta’s got drilled in Pulp Fiction, but somehow those movies seemed to work for me quite well. Continue reading

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The Best Offer

best offerThe Best Offer is a movie that came out in 2013, but I only got the chance to view it recently. Giuseppe Tornatore did not disappoint; he turned in a masterpiece of writing and directing, as was only to be expected. The cast, led by Geoffrey Rush was impeccable and extremely convincing, making it impossible to guess that some of them were not what they seemed to be.  The main character Virgil Oldman, Continue reading

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